Services & Pricing

Quilt Size Table and Pricing

Longarm Machine Quilting

~~ One price per square inch, no hidden fees. Included in the quilting fee (batting, thread and bobbins)

~~ Edge to Edge:  A continuous quilt design that covers the entire quilt edge to edge at 1.5 Cents per square inch.

~~ Semi Custom: I offer separate border and corner designs which falls under semi- custom quilting at $.04 per square inch.

~~ Custom Quilting:  You pick specific designs/motifs that will be quilted in your blocks and borders to enhance your quilt.  Over 200 designs for you to pick from. $.05 per square inch.

** Note**  Not included in the above quilting prices are: pressing, seaming, seam repair or binding. Ellie’s Hometown Longarm Quilting is not responsible for folds in fabric due to fullness of piecing.

Additional charges for unpinning, seam repair, Ironing – $20.00 / per hour.

Calculate total square inch of quilt top

Multiply the length by the width of your quilt using a calculator. That will give you the square inch total of your quilt. Multiply that number by the decimal number for the quilting pattern to be done. Be sure to include the decimal! The answer will be in dollars, and should match the price of the quilting portion of your quilt. Example 52 x 66 = 3432 **  Look at the above chart for pricing according to your measured quilt top **

How to prepare your quilt


Press all seams accordingly as you are piecing.  If they do not lay flat this will cause folds and bunching on the top of your quilt.
Make sure all seams are secure
Clip all loose/long thread tails on the front and back of top.  Dark threads may shadow under lighter fabrics.
Puckers, tucks, and fullness cannot be quilted out.
Remove all pins.
If quilt top is directional, mark the top with a safety pin.
Press the top from the front side, taking care not to stretch and distort.

Your quilt should be as square as possible.  I will center and square the top to the machine and back fabric.  I take every effort to keep your top straight by following ruler guides and the lines of your quilt top



Backing needs to be 4″ – 6″ larger on each side than the quilt top (60″ x 60″ top would have a backing that is 68″ x 68″ and so on). The additional backing is needed to be pinned to the canvas leaders on the long arm frame. If seaming your backing, sometimes it helps stay stronger if you shorten your stitch length and use a 1″ seam width.  Press the seam open OR to one side. You may send a sheet if you like, every quilt receives a new extra sharp needle so I don’t have any problems using sheets

IMPORTANT… if you piece your backing, remove selvedges and press seams flat. I use a loading system for the quilts, and it is very important that you square up the top, bottom, and sides of your quilt top and backing. If you don’t, I will charge a $25.00 nuisance fee to have to square up the backing.
Batting I provide free of charge Quilter’s Dream/cotton batting for your quilt.

Threads Threads and Thread charges:
Prices vary on thread variety and amount used. Please do not send your own thread. Threads used on the Amara HQ Long-arm Quilting machine are specially designed for high-speed machine quilting. There are the several companies that make thread for the high-speed machines.
I use Aurifil Cotton Thread, Superior Thread and Glide Thread.  I have a variety of thread colors that I like to choose that will best represent your quilt and not take away from your quilt top piecing.

BINDING SERVICES – Starting price at $45.00 minimum then $20.00 per hour all done by my sewing machine. 

Call today for your appointment – 859-270-8786

Fullness and/or puckers within a quilt and its borders cannot be quilted out.  I cannot guarantee that puckers and tucks will not be sewn in. Excessive fullness in borders may result in the quilt not being square. The flatter your quilt top is prior to quilting, the better the finished quilt will be. Longarm machines are mechanical devices. We do our best to ensure perfect results but on rare occasions, mechanical problems can occur which may result in minor damage to your quilt. All items not claimed and paid for within 3 months of completion, will be donated or raffled off.